Noor Manzil

‘Noor manzil’ or more correctly ‘Mian Noor Ahmed Manzil’ is a haveli/ mansion located in Old Chishtian, Pakistan. The construction started before partition  and was completed on18th November 1950. The haveli, is locally known as ‘Neela Mahal’ or blue palace due to its vibrant blue colour on one part of the haveli. Due to its detailed kashikari and minakari (mosaic and motif work) it is considered to be the finest of all the locally found havelis. Its multicolored tainted window panes were a great attraction at time.

It was built by Mian Noor Ahmad Maharvi the grandfather of Sahibzada Asim Maharvi (Chairman Chishtiya Ribbat). The story goes that Mian Noor Ahmed Maharvi was murid of Hazrat Khwaja Allah Baksh Taunsvi (ra). Hazrat Allah Baksh Taunsvi built a palace Sheesh mahal in Taunsa Sharif, not for his personal residence but for the visitors to the dargah of Hazrat Khwaja Shah Suleman Taunsvi (ra). Not finding a suitable place to host his pisrazads (sons of his Pir Hazrat Shah Allah Baksh Taunsvi (ra)); Mian Noor Ahmed Maharvi built this haveli. It was to be a khankah for his pezadas during their stay in Chishtian for the period of urs of Qibla-e-Alam Hazrat Khaja Noor Muhammad Maharvi (ra).

Wall decor at Noor Manzil

For a very long time Noor Manzil offered it occupants an outstanding and incomparable view of dargah of Hazrat Khawja Noor Muhammad Maharvi (ra) and the dargah of Hazrat Shaikh Taj uddin Sarvar Chishti (ra). The very two Chishti Saints after whom the city of Chishtian get its name; place of Chishtis.

For a very brief period Mian Noor Ahmed Maharvi used it as his private residence. As he passed away in 1961, the building was lent to various people. Mostly government officials as there were not many suitable residences in the city. One of the best International Cricket Umpire Mr. Aleem Sarvar Dar spent his childhood here at Noor Manzil. His father Mr. Ghulam Sarvar Dar was government employee and was posted in Chishtian (1974). Later Noor Manzil hosted a number of occupants. And some of them were not so caring to the place. The building suffered a stretched period of sever neglect.

 It was in 2005 that Sahibzada Asim Maharvi started extensive maintenance work. Sadly some of the very charming features of the manzil had passed beyond-repair condition. Nonetheless the ground floor gives a glimpse to its past glory. But what is most pleasing is that the building is again revived for the same purpose to serve as a Chishtiya ribbat/khankah.

The building is annexed to create more accommodation and amenities for its current occupants; murabitoon (plural of Murabit: one who lives at a Ribbat/Khankah). It is fortunate to have murabitoon who love and care about their new home. All the new additions to the building are done in view of maintaining its traditional look and feel.

Noor Manzil’s evey brick and wall, doors and windows humbly welcome the saalik (seeker) of ‘Kanz-al-Maghfia’ (The Hidden Treasure), the travelers of the path of hearts.