Chairman’s Message

In today’s era, people have developed various misconceptions about being a Sufi. For some, the external pruning make them credible enough to be a Sufi. While, for others belonging to a progeny of a saint, visiting shrines and delivering lectures on Sufism are fair enough to attain the ‘manazils’ of spirituality necessary for a Sufi saint. Unfortunately, both groups are disillusioned and are inconsistent with the spirit of ‘Tasawuff’ ( spirituality). Comprehending the Sufi path is streets apart to striding on the realm of it. Knowing the king’s life style merely makes one a real king, similarly it takes a lot more to be a Sufi than to just grasp the concept of being a Sufi. Nonetheless, a genuine Sufi soul would never profess and advertise his stature of ‘namat’.

The handouts on the very website are a humble manifestation of respect and love towards the great Sufis.

The handouts on the very website are a humble manifestation of respect and love towards the great Sufis, who are unanimously contemplated as the great luminaries of Ummah. Optimistically, this effort may stem inspiration amidst us to a greater degree of insight for human occurrence and endurance in this universe and life after it. Once understood the reason of human existence, we may legitimately execute what is demanded out of it.

The close spiritual bonding and blood attachment to Hazrat Qibla-e-Alam Khwaja Noor Muhammad Maharvi (ra) are the motivational factors behind this website’s creation. Being born in Maharshrif, the deep intimacy with Hazrat Molana Fakhar-ud-Din, Fakhar-e-Jahan, Muhib-un-Nabi (ra) was inevitable. The blessings of Hazrat Pir Pathan, Khwaja Shah Suleman Tounsvi (ra) have always been a shade of altruism and virtue for us. Above all, an intense love of Hazrat Maharvi (ra) for Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-Din Masood, Ganj-e-Shakar (ra) has added the supremacy exceptionally. I hope to enlighten and open the realms of ‘Taswuf’ for the thirsty souls with the blessings of the Omnipotent and His friends, the Sufis.

A dervish is a friend of God and a friend of a friend is a friend. So why not be a friend of a dervish?

Sahibzada Asim Maharvi Chishti 
Chairman Chishtiya Ribbat