Khwaja Amin Ad-Din Hubayrah of Basra r.a

From the tray of bounty, may I too have some blessings?

I am one of your own-regard me not as stranger!

Crown weary are my feet from constant walking.

Salutations to you, O seer of spiritual stations,

Hazrat Khwaja Amin ad-Din Hubayrah.


Khwaja Amin ad-Din Hubayrah r.a is another of the early Islamic saints. His knowledge of Islam, irfan ( divine illumination) and the realties of Tawhid were regarded as unequelled in his time. He was a renowned scholar of Basra, at that time still a center of intellectual activity in the Islamic Empire. Amin ad-Din’s r.a life history is somewhat sketchy except to tell of his complete bewilderment in the love of Allah and his constant striving to help others along this path.

He compeleted his Islamic Studies to an advance degree by the age of 17, and used to finish the recitation of the Quran four times every day. For thirty years he cried profusely, though, believing himself to be a failure in the spiritual way. Eventually, he received divine inspiration giving him glad tidings of Paradise and then instructing him to make Bayaah to Khwaja Huzaifa , in order to learn the way of perfection ( suluk). Although he made such tremendous mujahadahs throughout his life, it took him only one week in the company of his murshid to attain perfection.

His muridin were called the Hubayriyyah, and were widely respected for their piety. Their every moment was passed in wudhu and strict mujhadas, and they used to perform their salah with complete consciousness of Allah. Never would anything be spoken of in the company of Khwaja Amin ad-Din except the dhikr of Allah. The Hubayriyyah used to spend their days and nights in the depths of the wilderness, refraining from the company of those attached to the world, and they used to make iftar with the fruits of the jungle. The ultimate aim of the master was to ensure that the internal purity of his pupils would manifest itself externally in their every action and word; that they might be held up as shining examples to the rest of the world and thus inspire them to walk upon the spiritual path.

Hazrat Khwaja Amin ad-Din Hubayrah r.a strove to lead his muridin to a complete understanding of Taqhid and perfect their absorption in the love of Allah, that it might permeate their entire lives after the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet swm. He attained unity with Beloved on 7th Shawal 279 AH and lies buried in Basra. He has several Khulafah, but most prominent among them was Khwaja Mumshad al-Dinwari