Khwaja Abu Mohammed Al-Chishti r.a

Our hopes and our aspirations will now be fulfilled

For instead of tears, blood flows from our eyes;

To us, your door is gateway of healing.

Salutations to you, do treat my ailments

Hazrat Khwaja Mohammed-the guide.


Hazrat Khwaja Mohammed was the highly respected saint of the early Chishtiya order. He used to spend most of his time in a state of spiritual intoxication, overwhelmed by the beauty of Creator everywhere he looked. His wilayah was evident even before his birth, manifesting in miracles.

When she was four months pregnant, his blessed mother used to hear dhikr coming from her womb at the time of tahjud. When Khwaja Abu Ahmad Abdal heard about this, he began to pay regular visits and, addressing the unborn child said, “Peace be upon you, oh firend of Allah.” He than declared, “Dear lady, I have seen the name of your son written on the Lauh al-Mahfuz. He will be among the greatest auliaya of this era. His name shall be Abu Mohammed, and he will be my murid and khalifa”. When he was born, on the night of Ashura, he recited the Kalima seven times and thereafter refused to drink milk from the time of sehri. When this was brought to the attention of Khwaja Abdal, he said,

“ I have been informed this child is a friend of Allah. He is fasting out of respect for the holy day. Oh Allah! Make Abu Mohammed a perfect Sufi and protect him from the whisper of Shaytan.

Hazrat Abu Mohammed began performing congregational salah from the age of four. He received his religious learning and spiritual instruction not only from Khwaja Abdal, but also directly from Hazrat al-Khidr , the teacher of phrophets and saints.He also became engrossed in mujahidahs, including the seven-day continous fast of the Chishtiya. For twelve years, he also performed salat al-makus. Such was the power of his tawajuh that if he put it on a kafir, he would become Muslim; and if he put it on a Muslim, his spiritual state would be heightened almost until wilayah. It is said that in the lifetime of Hazrat Abu Mohammed r.a, there remained not a single unbeliever in chisht.

He became murid at the age of seventeen, and despite his obvious wilayah, it took a full seven years of rigorous spiritual training before he was awarded the foremost Khilafat of Hazrat Khwaja Abu Ahmad Abdal. As Khwaja Abdal r.a handed over the deed of ijazah and made dua, he heard and unseen voice saying, “Oh Abu Ahmad! We have accepted your supplication. Mohammed Chishti will be the chief of the Sufis, and on the day of Qiyamah, he will have a place near the Holy Prophet”.

He was a great lover Sama, and used to enter states of wajd whilst listening. Once, upon emerging from this state, he placed his head at the feet of his murshid, and asked him: “Oh my Master, is there any joy that can compare to the joy that lovers feel during Sama?” Khwaja Abu Ahmad r.a replied

Oh Mohammed Sama is a hidden secret. If we were to make it known the whole world will enter a state of wajd. But not everyone is capable of withstanding it. Only the people of Sama; understands its secrets.”

Hazrat Khwaja Abu Mohammed r.a was completely detached from the world, and used to stay away from those who desired it in any way. Once he was washing his clothes by a river, and he was approached by the son of the king of that place, who kissed his hand and asked him for advice. The saint replied that Rasulullah swm had stated that is even on old woman was left starving in a country, then on the Day of Qiyamah Allah would demand of the king as to why he has been unable to provide for her. So overwhelmed was the prince by this statement that he presented some gifts to the saint; but Khwaja Mohammed r.a smiled and told him that it was the practice of the Sufis not to accept anything from kings or from the wealthy. Then he raised his hands and asked Allah to show the prince the riches that He afforded to his servants. Immediately Allah instructed all the fish to come to the surface of the river with gold coins in their mouths.

Once the Ghaznavid Sultan Mahmud; was engaged in a battle against unbelievers. Khwaja Mohammed r.a, by now seventy years old, was instructed by Allah to assist him; so with a few of his muridin, he went to give his aid to the king. It came to pass at one point that the sultan’s army was retreating from the field. The great saint called out spirituality to one of his khalifa, Khwaja Mohammed Kaku, instructing him to help them. Soliders state that this man suddenly appeared on the battlefield and fought with such might and ferocity that the enemies of Islam were driven from the field. However, it is also reported that at the very same time, Mohammed Kaku was in Chisht, throwing stones at the people there. When they asked him what he was doing, he replied that he was following the orders of his murshid and fighting the kuffar. It was with the help of such miracles that Sultan Mahmud was able to establish the Pan Islamiyah as far off as northern India.

Hazrat Khwaja Abu Mohammed al-Chishti r.a attained unity with the beloved Allah on the 4th of Rabi al-Awal, 411 AH and is buried in Chisht. Before his demise, he bestowed his khilafat upon his dear murid and nephew, Khwaja Abu Yusuf al-Chishti.