About Chishtiya Ribbat

Human life is pivoted on many variables and constants. Since Adam, we have changed a lot in a sense and a good chunk of us is yet unaltered. Our average height, life expectancy and way of life has drastically differed since our first step on the planet Earth. Shifting from caves to adobes and moving from there to prefab skyscrapers, and now we are designing our houses for altogether a different planet; Mars.  It is a story of nothing but change alone. Yet there is a sphere of our life as old as Adam himself. Our search for reality, quest for the Truth, our yearning as a creation for our Creator is impervious to those changes. From stone to slingshot, swords to guns, canons to hypersonic missiles what is evident is change. But the real fearsome, destructive forces we face are the same ancient; jealousy, greed, anger, lust and pride.

A Khankah is a place where these constants are addressed. So in essence there is nothing such as a ‘modern khankah’.  It is the same old wine just in a new bottle. Yes, we acknowledge that some people get attached to the old wrapping. But then this is what a khankahs have always taught, as worded so beautifully:

“distinguish between husk and kernel.”

Hazrat Moulana Jalal uddin Rumi (ra)

Change is a creation of the same Al-Khaliq, the Creator. So it too deserves to be respected. With this in mind Chishtiya Ribbat has always welcomed any instrumental change. So if the usage of modern technology, internet, social media and all its gadgetry qualifies for a modern khankah than Chishtiya Ribbat is one.