About Chairman

Educated and Trained in spiritual Sufi atmosphere since childhood. Early Study travels to Central Asia, Russia, England and United States of America, met with different Sufi masters of various Tariqat and got the honor for being in their service.

Spiritual quest was always there from the very first day of his birth the thrust of the path of Love began in the early 2001 when he ended up coming back to the spiritually rich Pakistan leaving a sound carrier in United States of America as a journalist.

Intense period of studying! the teachings of Islam and Sufism’s universal message of generosity, compassion and love of all creation. Initiated into Chishtiya Nizamiya Tariqa. He established a Sufi publication house and published the classic Sufi work. Edited the Biography of great Sufi master Hazrat Shah Suleyman Taunsvi (R.A). A leading columnist on Tasawwuf, gives lectures and organizes spiritual workshops and seminars throughout the world.

He has been the keynote speaker at World Gathering of Sufi Affiliates in Marakech, Morroco in 2009. He has the honor to address the World Forum of Spiritual Culture in 2010 Astana, Kazakhstan and World Spirit Forum in Switzerland. He has been lecturing on the topic at International Universities. Marmara University Istanbul, Turkey. Copenhagen University Denmark. Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.


• Quarterly Magazine “ Chishtiya Ribbat” a Sufi Journal
Zabita-e-Mureed: Guidelines for the seeker. Translation of Shaykh Akbar Muhayudin Ibn Arabi…2011
Letters of Maharvi: Translation of Maktoobat of Khwaja Imam Baksh Maharvi on the frequent asked questions and
comments on Sufisim. 2011
Gulshan-e-Abrar: Biography of Hazrat Khwaja Nur Mohammed Maharvi. 2009.
Makhzan-e-Chisht; Brief Notes on the Sufi Saints of Chishtiya order. 2010
Muntakhib ul Manaqib: Biography of Hazrat Shah Suleyman, 2005.
Gulshan-e-Asrar: Biography of Hazrat Shah Suleyman, 2005.


• Sufism of Physics (co-authroing book with a Solvenian Scientist Sercko Soroli.
• Astan-e-Yar: Biography and chronology of Sufi Chishti Lineage. To be published.
• Kashkool-e-Kalimi: Translation of Shah Kalim Ullah’s work in English
• The City of Seven Saints: Travel accounts and brief on the work of Saints of Marakech.
• Adhuri Kitab: Book in Urdu about spiritual journey around the globe. To be published.