About Us

Nowadays some people say that merely by looking like a sufi is quite sufficient to make them one. These people put all their efforts for the external appearance and the stereotype behavior of pirs and Sufis. These kind of people are certainly the least qualified to be called Sufis. Others think that just by knowing the biography of great Sufis and visiting their shrines, being born from a progeny of a sufi, or by giving long lectures on the subject matter will help them to attain the spiritual level of a sufi. This group too, falls far short to be called a ‘Sufic’ group. To know about the sufic path is altogether different than to tread it. Knowing where and how a king lives, does not make one a king. However, often a real Sufi does not claim to be the one.

The material presented to you through this website is just a humble token of respect/love to the great Sufis, the great luminaries of ummah. It is hoped that it may arise inspiration among us for a better understanding of the very purpose of our existence and how to rightly fulfill what is demanded of it.

The very close spiritual and blood attachment to Hazrat Qibla-e-Alam Khwaja Noor Muhammad Maharvi (ra) induced to create this website. Being born in Maharshrif, it was inevitable to fall in love with Hazrat Molana Fakhar-ud-Din, Fakhar-e-Jahan, Muhib-un-Nabi (ra) and of course the blessings of Hazrat Pir Pathan, Khwaja Shah Suleman Tounsvi (ra) have always been there. And on top of that, such an intense love of Hazrat Maharvi (ra) for Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-Din Masood, Ganj-e-Shakar (ra) had its own influence.